In-text Reference Pointer Identifier Resolution Service


The In-Text Reference Pointer Identifier (InTRePID) is a globally unique persistent identifier (PID) for the identification of an individual in-text reference pointer relating to an open bibliographic citation. Since the InTRePID contains the numerical part of the Open Citation Identifier (OCI) identifying the citation to which the InTRePID relates, an InTRePID can be assigned for any in-text reference pointer that relates to an open citation for which a valid OCI has been assigned.

Each InTRePID has a simple structure: the lower-case letters “intrepid” followed by a colon, followed by two parts separated by an oblique stroke, thus:



  • <oci-numerals> is the numerical part of the OCI (i.e. omitting its prefix oci:) that uniquely identifies the particular open citation to which the in-text reference pointer relates;

  • <ordinal> identifies the nth occurrence of an in-text reference pointer within the text of the citing bibliographic entity relating to the open citation identified by the OCI, numbering from the start of the document, e.g. "3" for the third in-text reference pointer that denotes the particular bibliographic reference within the bibliographic entity's reference list that instantiates the citation identified by the OCI;

  • <total> defines the total number of in-text reference pointers within the citing bibliographic entity, of which the in-text reference pointer identified by the InTRePID is a group member, that all denote this particular bibliographic reference.

For example, intrepid:070433-070475/4-6 is a valid InTRePID for an in-text reference pointer defined within the OpenCitations Citations in Context Corpus.